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Why didn’t she pick him up at Orlando’s place? They just had to do this at the airport in front of the paps who just happened to be there when they arrived…. Just days after he received all that attention for the Selena fiasco?? Right!

If you don’t think this is all a PR move and set-up then I have a lovely bridge to sell you in Siberia. Oh and Randa-May it’s time to buy some bigger trousers love, these are too small for you now.

There is proof positive that these are set ups, just like the ones OB did the other day with him and the santa Barbara photos that came out today with Flynn, because let us not forget the law that came in this year in California that any pap taking a photo of a celebrities child would be fined and possibly sent to jail UNLESS they had prior permission from the parent, and guess what- OB has now proven that he does set ups with Flynn, and they have proved it again by doing these set ups today- 100% fact! Absolutely disgusting. I just wnated to come back and say that as I have been waiting for them both to prove 100% they did set ups whilst in California

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Hi all,

I would just like to announce that as from today the kerrazy lies tumblr will not be updated anymore. I have just lost complete interest in all things Bloom and Kerr so have decided to finish with Kerrazy lies for good, especially now seemed a good time as interest seemed to be waning anyway.

The tumblr and wordpress will not be going anywhere, I shall not be taking anything down, but commenting will no longer be possible.

I would like to thank everybody who over the years have contributed, supported and commented on KL. You are all a wonderful bunch of people and I wish you all the best.

Thank you all


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Miranda Kerr for British GQ May 2104 issue.

What are your thoughts on her interview with British GQ Magazine? Personally, I believe she exposed too much personal information, some inappropriate for a young mother.

I couldn’t agree more, this is going too far, she has even shocked me this time and where she is concerned that is hard to do, she disgusts me. The only person I feel any sympathy for is poor Flynn.

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I hope Lindsay or someone on her “lovers” list would confirm whether it’s true or not cause i’m getting really tired of reading about it. People look for anything to bring Lindsay down. If it were a guy and the list were girls people would be giving thumbs up and cheering him on.

Lindsay’s rep has said the list is 100% fake on gossip cop:

7:40 pm

So Lindsay Lohan has said she had sex with Orlando Bloom, that doesnt surprise me at all if its true.

Lets not forget there was a time they apparently “hung out” in 2009, there was an article in one of the tabloids that said they spent time together at the chateau marmont then he went off to that Voyeur sex club, this was the same night MK was walking for VSFS in NYC, if that is the case then she was a mess as she was off her head on drugs and drink and looked a state, so says a lot about his character if thats the case, AND he was with MK then. Poor Flynn will have so horrible things to read when he gets older.

If Bloom doesn’t deny this then I believe it is true, after all having sex with Lohan is hardly a badge of honour- quite the opposite in fact!

EDIT!!! Actually the list has been called 100% fake by Lindsays Rep on gossip cop:

3:00 pm

Miranda Kerr family's public plea


I’m confused…she claimed  she left VS to spend more time with her family and travel less…yet now she claims she couldn’t go to Australia because of her busy schedule?? If she had kept her DJ gig she would have had the chance to be there twice in a year and spend time with her family…because it was her decision to leave DJ too, righ?? LOL

Seems we have been right about this all along! But she was DUMPED by VS and DJ!

7:41 am
A great idea for subject matter from AK classical nerd.
Lets discuss what you think or would like 2014 to have in store for Orlando career wise, and maybe private life wise, come one, come all :)
Zoom Info
Nikon D4
Focal Length

A great idea for subject matter from AK classical nerd.

Lets discuss what you think or would like 2014 to have in store for Orlando career wise, and maybe private life wise, come one, come all :)

10:11 am

An explaination

Hi all,

sorry for my absence, I will now explain what has been going on.

On friday/saturday there were comments made about “feeling sorry” for Miranda, as you all know these comments have been going on and on, and on for sometime (months) by the same two posters, I have been getting members complaining to me about this, and i agreed with them as this tumblr is NOT a “feel sorry for MK” place, nor will it ever be, especially when people are making stories and childhoods up for MK to fit so they can feel sorry for her! I asked the two posters in question to stop it with these kind of comments, but for some reason they refused and were defiant, and kept on posting their pity parties for Miranda, one also began to be rude with another member which made them come across like an MK fan, I had enough and closed down the comments.

I am all for freedom of speech, but I will not tolerate people then telling others they are wrong when they themselves are “pissing in the wind” and guessing at Mk’s past present and future and state of mind.

I wasn’t going to reopen the comments on here, but after thinking about it I have decided that I am not going to let anyone spoil this place for anyone else, I must stand firm on one thing- that the feeling sorry for MK comments must cease, AND I am all for speculation, when it is indeed speculation, but I must ask that speculation and guessing isnt then turned into fact like the two posters in question were doing.

At the end of the day this is my tumblr and while I willing invite you all here to comment, Kerrazy-lies is not the kind of place where MK will be praised or pitied.

Thanks for your co-operation :) And I hope we can move on from this.

4:08 pm
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